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SPECIAL NOTICE - Updated 6/12/20

Ohio has opened back up and adoptions have begun. We are working through the many applications that were in a holding pattern during the Governor's executive order as well as working through the new applications arriving daily. As the threat of this virus still exists, we are implementing the following procedures:

We will limit the number of physical home inspections and may request virtual inspections via pictures, FaceTime or videos.

There may be no public adoption events for the remainder of 2020. These have been the only opportunity to meet our dogs without submitting an application and becoming approved. If they do resume again, there will be safety measures in place that must be followed.

We will conduct private meet & greets only with approved applications and at the place of our choosing. We request that all people at the meet and greet wear a mask for the protection of our volunteers.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding of the 'new normal'.

Cockers have been placed to date in Loving Permanent Homes through Columbus Cocker Rescue!

Columbus Cocker Rescue Adoption/Foster Application

. . . Our mission, not a business

Get A Printable Application that you can mail or fax to us by clicking here
Please Note
If your application is not completely filled out and/or your current or previous pets are (were) not up-to-date on their vaccinations and heartworm preventative and/or have not (were not) spayed/neutered, then your adoption application may be immediately denied without proceeding to the next step of the adoption process, unless there is a medical reason that can be verified
What Cocker are you interested in Adopting?:
First Name: Last Name:
Street Address:
City: State: Zip:
Home Phone: Work Phone:
E-Mail Address:
Employer Name:
Employer Address:
Employer Phone: Time With Employer:
Number of Adults in Home: Number of Children in Home:
Ages of Children:
Activity Level In Home:
Type of Housing?:
Own or Rent?:
Note: If you rent, written permission from your landlord to have a pet will be required OR a copy of the lease
stating it is okay to have pet
Fenced Yard?:
What Type of Fence?:
Would you install a Fence if needed?:
What is your Household Income Level?:
Are you prepared to make a 10-15 Year Committment?:
If you move, would you seek Housing
where you could take your dog?:
Are you willing to work with Housetraining issues?:
How would you deal with Behaviour problems?:
Are you prepared to deal with vet costs?
If necessary due to sickness or injury are
you able to spend $500 or more for Vet care?:
Do you currently have any other pets?:
Please list any other pets - (Breed, Sex, Spayed or Neutered) Please give names, ages, and breed of any currently owned pets: PLEASE BE SURE TO LIST WHAT MONTHLY HEARTWORN PREVENTION YOU ARE USING

Have you previously owned a Cocker?:
Please list any previously owned pets - (Breed, Sex, Spayed or Neutered) Please give names, ages, and breed of any previously owned pets:
Why do you want to adopt a Cocker from us?:
Have you ever sold or given away a pet?:
If Yes, please explain the circumstances:
How many hours a day will the dog be alone?:
Where will the dog be kept when no one is home?:
Where will the dog sleep?:
Are you familiar with crate training:
If no, are you willing to learn?:
Is the dog allowed on the furniture?:
Who wil be primarily responsible for the dog?:
How will the dog be exercised?:
Under what circumstances would you give the dog up?:

What age dog do you prefer?:

Preferred color?:
If you can not adopt the desired
cocker, would you like us to keep your application on file?:
What do you see as desirable traits in your new pet?:
What do you see as undesireable traits in your new pet?:
Are you willing to adopt a dog with minor health problems?:
Are you willing to adopt a dog with major health problems?:
Are you will to take your dog to obedience class?:
Most Cockers require professional gromming about
every 6 weeks, do you agree to have this done?:
How much do you anticipate spending on grooming each year?:$   Enter Numbers Only - No $ or no text, ex: 125.50
How much do you anticipate spending on dog food each year?: $   Enter Numbers Only - No $ or no text, ex: 125.50
How much do you anticipate speding on dog treats each year?:$   Enter Numbers Only - No $ or no text, ex: 125.50
How much do you anticipate spending on toys and bedding?:$   Enter Numbers Only - No $ or no text, ex: 125.50
Two non-related personal references are required: The references listed must have seen the applicant interact with the applicant's current or previous pets
Reference One
First Name: Last Name:
Street Address:
City: State: Zip:
Home Phone:
E-Mail Address:

Reference Two
First Name: Last Name:
Street Address:
City: State: Zip:
Home Phone:
E-Mail Address:
First Name: Last Name:
Practice Name
Street Address:
City: State: Zip:
Phone Number:
Is there anything we should know or any questions you may have?:
** Our adoption fee is $200-$250 Depending on Age, which includes grooming, a thorough physical exam including, but not limited to, skin, eyes and ears, spay/neuter, heartworm testing or treatment should they be infected, all vaccinations including Rabies to bring them up-to-date, and microchipping. All of our cockers are placed in a foster home for close monitoring and evaluation of housetraining and behavioral issues and receive a lot of personalized attention and unconditional love!!

By signing my name below I certify that all information contained in this application is true and accurate. I understand that my references will be contacted and give permission for my vet to release any information requested by Columbus Cocker Rescue.

I understand accept that the adoption decision depends upon many factors, including – but not limited to the compatibility of the family and home to the individual cocker and other applications received on the dog. I understand and accept that is Columbus Cockers’ prerogative to decide which home is more appropriate for the individual cocker, and therefore, I will not take issue with the decision.

If you Agree with the above, please type "AGREE" Here
Enter Your Full Name:
Please enter the last 4 digits of your
Social Security Number for verification:


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